Top 3 Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss

Losing weight is not an easy task, it requires a lot of patience and commitment to get desired results. You have to be focused on various things such as avoid eating junk, increase protein and fiber intake to your diet, stay hydrated, move your body, and much more.

Things such as eating healthy doing exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle will help you in reducing that extra pounds from your body.

There are a lot of articles available on the internet today to lose weight fast. But you don’t know how and where to start.

We have come up with the are 3 weight loss tips for you to follow.

1. Eat the right food

Eating the right food is extremely important. It doesn’t have to be complicated. All you can do is stop eating junk food and replace it with healthy foods. Start observing on your plate what you’re eating.

Make sure you’re having fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy. These healthy foods are full of nutrients without any added sugar and fats. Here are some tips through which you can choose the right food.

If you looked at the Jenna Jameson article, one of the keys for her was putting getting sober along with eating healthier foods. 

There's no substitute for eating clean. 

Choose a variety of foods so that you can get all the nutrients your body requires. Don’t forget to include proteins in your diet. When it comes to weight loss, protein is king of nutrients. It helps in giving proper nutrients thereby reducing the fat. Diet high in protein boosts metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day, it can also make you full for a longer period of time, it reduces cravings, etc.

Protein sources are chicken especially chicken breast, fish such as salmon, shrimp, tuna etc, legumes such as kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, dairies such as Greek yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, quinoa, whey protein supplement, brussels sprouts, peanuts and much more.

Eat more leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, celery, broccoli, Lettuces, cabbage, beet greens and so on. Other vegetables are also rich in nutrients such as carrot, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, cucumber, cauliflower, green chili, and much more.

Other than fruits and vegetables, you can also fill your plate by adding nuts, whole grains, chia seeds, flax seeds etc.

Have green tea, coffee, black tea, apple cider vinegar, ginger tea, high protein drinks, vegetable juice instead of having alcohol or carbonated drinks. Some of the drinks such as green tea, ginger tea, coffee boost metabolism and minimize hunger. Moreover, these drinks contain antioxidant and other powerful compounds which is beneficial for your health.

Avoid having processed foods. Processed foods are high in sugar & high-fructose corn syrup, fat and calories which will make you fat, let you overeat, contains artificial ingredients, high in refined carbohydrates, low in fiber & nutrients, etc. Eating processed will increase the risk of health issues.

Therefore, avoiding such high calories foods which contain only bad fats is a smart way to reach your desired weight loss goals. Additionally, reduce the intake of white sugar and replace it with brown sugar or jaggery powder.

You have decided all healthy foods you are about to eat during your weight loss journey. But what about the right portion? Remember choosing the right portion is equally important as choosing the right foods. If you eat too much, your weight loss plan is not going to work. It is a common mistake made my most of the people. They think that it is healthy so, they tend to overeat which is not good for your health and your weight loss. To reach the target result, you need to measure the portion of your food. You should know much amount your body requires. Lastly, keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water. Drinking water helps you burn more calories.

2. Count your calories

Another important thing is you should know that you are eating under your calories throughout the day. There are many websites which will let you know how many calories are required throughout the day.

You’ll be in a calorie deficit If you eat less than the calories you’re required, and you will lose weight but you’ll be in calories surplus if you eat more than your calories intake then and you’ll gain weight.

Therefore, it is extremely important to count your calories if you are aiming to lose weight or even want to maintain it. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone, with different calories tracker apps, it has become easier for people to track what they ate throughout the day. Keeping track will help you in minimizing your calorie intake thereby reducing your weight faster.

We recommend using apps to help track this like My Fitness Pal.

3. Exercise

This doesn’t necessarily that you have to go to the gym and do weight lifting. People do go but for them who for one or various reason cannot make it to the gym, there are various alternatives you can follow to make your body move such as doing household chores, playing with your children, going for a walk, cycling, and running. Similarly, you can also do a little exercise at your home or in a park such as squats, jogging, jumping jacks, planks, sit-ups, pushups, etc.

Diet alone will not be much sufficient and will take a long time, but if you are not moving your body, you may end up losing muscle mass instead of fat.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to be active as it helps in building muscles, makes you feel good, gives you toned body, and relieves you from stress. There are a lot of videos available on the internet where you can practice, Zumba, yoga, or body weight exercise.

To summarize, here are 3 weight loss tips which you should start following. All you need is commitment and determination to follow the above-mentioned tips and you’ll see the desired results.

Remember living a healthy life is not a destination, it’s a journey. Hence, instead of focusing on weight loss, focus on changing your lifestyle. Change your eating and lifestyle habits to live a happy and healthy life and not to lose weight.

Instead of looking at this as a diet, you must make it a lifestyle change for the long term.

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