5 Facts When Starting a Keto Diet

Ketogenic diet has amazingly become famous for its good reason. People are using this diet for weight loss as well as to feel more energized and to be more focused.

Ketogenic diet is well known for high fat and low carb diet. It is a diet where the body produces ketones in the liver and these ketones used as a source of energy.

There are a lot of benefits of keto diet such as it helps in weight loss, reduce the risk of cancer, improves heart health, reduce acne, protect brain functioning, improves health in women with PCOS, reduces seizures and so on.

Here are 5 important facts when starting a ketogenic diet.

1. Keto is a biological process that burns fat

When you eat carbs, your body produces insulin or glucose. Glucose being the easiest molecule in the body gets easily converted and used as energy. Insulin, on the other hand, allows your body to use sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates for energy or to store glucose for future use. 

While your body uses glucose as primary energy over any other source. You fat are not needed and they get stored in your body. When you lower the intake of carbohydrate, your body is persuaded in a state called ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic process, where it burns stored fat from the body.

To reach ketosis, you need to restrict your intake of carbohydrates, restrict your protein intake, start taking fat and keep yourself hydrated.

For many people keto is not a diet, it’s a way of living a healthy life or it's a way of eating. It is not like other diets where one day you can start and another day you stop. If you do so, your body will get confused, perhaps cause you to gain more weight.

Therefore, to enhance your health, lose weight, and to improve your mental focus and energy level, you should be consistent and make it a lifestyle.

2. Keto is more effective with intermittent fasting

Many keto followers believed that keto works well when you do it with intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular and widely used methods in human history. It is an eating pattern where you have to eat for a specific period of time and the rest of the time you have to fast. 

For instance, if you had your dinner at 8 pm and not had anything till 12 pm, fasting for 16 hours. There are many health benefits of intermittent fasting such as it boost fat loss, increase muscle gain, improves brain function, stimulates autophagy, Lowers inflammation, slows down aging and much more. Many studies suggest that the Keto diet and intermittent fasting together work extremely well, primarily for weight loss and stable energy.

In addition to that, both keto and intermittent fasting willingly increase fat loss faster. Keto diet and intermittent diet, when practiced together results in various health benefits such as intermittent fasting helps you reach ketosis faster, and lead to more fat loss.

3. The Keto Flu is real

Switching from high carb to a very low carb diet can be the major change in your body, it will take time to adopt this change. For some people, it can be difficult. Keto flu is symptoms experienced by various people when they first started their ketogenic diet.

The Keto Flu will happen in the first week of the ketogenic diet. Symptoms can be mild to severe, depending upon the person to person. Keto flu symptoms are drowsiness, dizziness, constipation, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, muscle soreness, muscle cramps, headache, weakness, difficulty in concentration, intense sugar and carbs cravings, difficulty in sleeping and general irritability. These symptoms normally last for a week.

However, there are ways through which you can get rid of the keto flu. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water, you may add some salt in the water to manage the loss of electrolyte, get enough sleep, avoid doing difficult exercise, make sure you are eating the required amount of fat and carb.

4. You might experience an increase in energy and brainpower

Although keto is famous for weight loss, many people have also experienced that keto has benefited them in the increase of energy and brain power. During the ketogenic diet, your body uses fat as an energy source and when you refeed it, your body stored fat for the source of energy for the future. This means your body has an energy source stored which will never run out.

That’s the reason why people will energetic throughout the day during their ketogenic diet.

The energy source of carb cause your blood sugar level rise and fall and as the energy source is not consistent, it becomes harder for your brain to remain focused for a longer period of time.

During the ketogenic diet process, your brain uses ketones as a fuel source which is consistent. That’s the reason why your brain focuses for a longer time on the ketogenic diet and why it's easier to get into ketosis with Purefit Keto

5. Eating keto shouldn’t have to be expensive

Carbs are inexpensive fillers and replacing them with fat such as meat, cheese, fish, and vegetable can make your grocery bill expensive. However, with proper meal planning, you can minimize the grocery bill.

Planning ahead is the fastest and easiest way to save a lot on keto grocery shopping. It also helps you in keeping your meal and proportion on track. Therefore, you buy only those foods which you’re going to eat on your keto journey. Moreover, it will also let you save money when you go out.

Opt for alternatives such as buy regular cheese, buy frozen vegetables, buy chicken legs or thighs, which is cheaper than chicken breast, you can also in bulk, and do intermittent fasting.

Additionally, you need to cook to follow the keto diet. Keto requires a balanced amount of required macros for your body every day and accordingly you should have to cook your keto meal. There are tons of website and videos available on the internet nowadays where you can check the recipes of keto.

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