stay motivated

How to stay motivated to lose weight? Here’s the key to your success!

People often think that it is all about eating less, forgetting about junk food and doing more and more exercise. So they heavily work on these for a certain period time and… get tired, then give up. Is it even possible to lose weight if it is like a torture for you? Probably, yes, but would it be a long-term effect? Rather not. The key is your attitude. Without your motivation, all efforts would be to no avail. So keep motivated and believe that you can achieve whatever you want!

What should I do now?

  1. Get rid of junk food
    Throw away sweets from all cupboards, frozen pizza or a bar of chocolate hidden under your bed for “worse days”. Be consequent, no sweets means no sweats near you. If you have a bowl of cookies on your table, it would be very difficult to avoid temptation. Exchange cookies into fruit. Out of sight, out of mind.
  2. Set your goals
    Forget about: “lose 10 pounds in a week!” – it is too general and can become demotivating. Basing the whole process strictly on what you can see on your scale every morning is ineffective. Focus on changing your lifestyle into more healthy one and be more specific in creating your aims: “eat more fruit and vegetables” or “ more sports this week”.
  3. Think: Why do I want to lose weight?
    Write down a list of your reasons for losing weight. You may be not aware that it is crucial in the whole process. It really is important to know exactly what you want and why. In this way, you will become more determined and motivated. If we focus only on looking at our scale to see less pounds, it becomes more of an obsession than motivation. You do not need to be obsessed.
  4. Find an app
    There are plenty of diet and training plans on the internet. Apps, programs devoted to diets and healthy lifestyle are full of useful tips and information. You can use your smartphone to have one always with you. There are groups, forums, special websites gathering people who have similar goals and keep motivating each other.
  5. Let yourself have a weak moment
    What is better? To eat a small piece of chocolate or avoiding it, becoming more and more obsessed with chocolate and eventually, eating the whole bar? Do not think that eating a slice of pie will ruin all your efforts, just in exchange go jogging or swimming. Do not lose your motivation, allow yourself for a small dessert from time to time- you deserve it. Just do not give up automatically after eating something not from your list.
  6. Wait for results
    Losing weight demands time. You cannot expect to see huge difference after a week, or even a month. The fact is that the faster you lose your weight, the faster you will regain it after your express-diet. You cannot trick your body. Be patient and think about great influence that your healthy diet has on your body inside. Then, you will see it also outside.
  7. Control yourself every week
    Finish every week of your diet with a short evaluation and goals for the next one. This will help you stay engaged and refresh your motivation.